Puppy Training: Puppy-Love-Training: The Puppy Lover’s Handbook ~Train Your Puppy With The Power Of Love! (Puppy Training, Dog Training, Puppy Housebreaking, Puppy Love)

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    Are you thinking about adopting your first puppy? How exciting! There’s a lot to think about. Which breed will suit your family best? What will you need? How can you train your pup to make them a loving and happy part of your household? This book will explain everything you need to know about caring for your wonderful new addition. This text Includes breeds to avoid for first time owners, training tips and socialization techniques.

    ~Here’s a Detailed Description of What You’ll Get:

    -An Insight to the puppy psychology

    -The Best puppy breeds for first-time owners

    -What to do before your puppy comes home

    -House and toilet training tips

    -Obedience training

    -Common safety and fun commands

    -Socialisation training advice

    -Nutrition and feeding tips

    -How to go about grooming and care

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